We are made of star stuff…

Stellar is the brainchild and sister agency of LWPR. We represent hairdressing’s most interesting influencers, up-and-coming talent, trendsetting tastemakers, and the brightest social media stars.

Stellar launched in 2022 to redefine ‘influencers’ in the hairdressing industry. Our hair and beauty agency champions the skills and talent of true influencers of the trade and connects them with brilliant brands. 

We’ve got a reputation for spotting the ‘ones to watch’ before they become mainstream and have been able to cherry pick the best hair influencers on Instagram and the top hair influencers on TikTok, as well as the micro influencers whose audience hang on to every word they say.

We are the your trusted side-kick for matchmaking partnerships and connections, and creating the content that captures your audience’s attention.


Stellar is here to help save you time and improve the results of your marketing campaigns.